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Gosto tanto do Christopher Owens, o cara que tocava na banda Girls, que fiquei bem feliz de saber que ele vai lançar um disco novo!

“Nothing more than everything to me” é o primeiro clipe do disco “A New Testament” e junta pré-adolescentes muito fofos em um bailinho da escola, com toda a expectativa que antecede esse grande dia.

Pra completar, vale ver as fotos de bastidores do clipe na Rolling Stone > http://www.rollingstone.com/music/pictures/behind-christopher-owens-nothing-more-than-everything-to-me-video-20140709/0769712

E ler a entrevista que o cantor deu ao Pitchfork, falando de se reunir novamente com os companheiros de banda, largar as drogas, encontrar um amor e seguir em frente > http://pitchfork.com/features/update/9451-christopher-owens/

Yeah, it’s a relationship I can’t place a value on. We’re very different people: in upbringing, in habits, in the way we both cook, the books we read, the music we like. Maybe I see something in her that I think is wonderful and wish I could’ve been like that myself. At the same time, I don’t. I’m not a person with regrets. But I can definitely see the benefit of having somebody like that in my life. I mean, I could’ve had somebody more like myself in my life for this period of time and been pushed along down my own paths, my own devices—if that was the case, Father, Son, Holy Ghost might not have even come out. From the beginning, she has kept me aware without judging, without ever saying, “This is an ultimatum,” or, “You have by this date…” She’s never even been rude to me about it when my priorities were completely out of whack. From the beginning, we liked each other for who we were, and it’s always been that way. As time goes by, we’ll remain different people, but we’ll remain essential to one another.

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