a ideologia do folclore avermelhou

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eu quero agora esse carrinho do jennifer newman studio!

This trolley has been designed specifically for use by designers and artiststhat need to have their materials close at hand. The table-height trolleysare mounted on castors and accommodate large boxes, drawing rolls andportfolios. They come open-ended or with a pad-locked door, and areconstructed from all-welded aluminium, powder-coated in a choice of colours.

toc em ny

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a new york magazine juntou uns loucos que se vestem com uma única cor, todo santo dia! é muito toc, né? e muita inspiração também…

NY Mag: Why blue?
Valeria “ValBlu” McCulloch: In college, I majored in color theory. Blue was the most interesting color, historically. Germanic tribes wore it to ward off enemies; Christians used it to denote divinity. Wearing blue for me is being in a dream all day.

NY Mag: Why gray?
Rebecca Turbow: I actually wore turquoise for eight years, but last September, I switched to gray. I’d had a bad year and needed to get out of it.

NY Mag: How do people react to a grown man in pink?
Karim Rashid: I make them smile. They say, “You make me happy.”… My statement is, Be who you are. Do what turns you on.

mais no kanye west blog

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