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jenny wilson é dona da música da semana: “let my shoes lead me forward”

sold my bed, no need to sleep these nights
walking rounds in search for stars these nights
the sky is perfectly brown instead of black
let my shoes lead me forward, please bring me some luck

dica da @marildabittah

teste vocacional

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da série inspirational design posters

One of the perks of having a profession where you make things, is that you can pretty much make your own version of anything to cater specifically to you and your peers. I think this is what has happened with designers: we need our own version of everything and want to be our own audience. I decided to embark on creating some “inspirational” posters aimed specifically at designers. The topics range from various truisms I’ve discovered about the field in the past few years to snarky tongue-in-cheek comments. I think we designers spend an awful lot of time talking to ourselves, and I consider this my contribution to the monologue.