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Rene Burri

O fotógrafo Teju Cole sempre foi obcecado por esta foto do suíço René Burri, tirada em São Paulo nos anos 1960. No @nytimes, ele conta da busca que fez para encontrar o lugar exato em que ela foi feita.

‘‘The photograph isn’t what was photog­raphed, it’s something else,’’ Garry Winogrand once said. ‘‘It’s about transformation.’’ The photographic image is a fiction created by a combination of lenses, cameras, film, pixels, color (or its absence), time of day, season. When I’m moved by something, I want to literally put myself in its place, the better to understand what was transformed. This interests me as a writer and as a photographer: how do raw materials become something else, something worth keeping? ‘‘Those four guys just came from nowhere, and went to nowhere,’’ Burri said of the men in his photograph. The photograph he made of them came from nowhere and went everywhere. My seeing his point of view and taking a picture from the same spot 55 years later did not solve the mystery. But in discovering all that can be known about a work of art, what cannot be known is honored even more. We come right up to the edge, and can go no farther.

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