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música para embalar o dia

por   /  02/08/2009  /  17:28

oh, mick…

our love was like the water
that splashes on a stone
our love is like our music
it’s here, and then it’s gone

so take me to the airport
and put me on a plane
i got no expectations
to pass through here again

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40 anos de amor

por   /  25/07/2009  /  21:00



há 40 anos, woodstock celebrava o verão do amor. nick e bobbi ercoline foram fotografados de supresa por burk uzzle _a foto se tornou símbolo do festival e chegou a estampar o disco oficial de woodstock

dois verões depois, eles se casaram. e estão juntos até hoje

The two didn’t realize the impact their photo had until Woodstock’s 20th anniversary, when the world’s media began seeking them out. In fact, their memories of the original event have more to do with the scene than the music, because they were too far away to hear or see much.

“I remember the rain, the lack of toilets and the body odor,” Bobbi says.

“I also remember an orange haze from the glowing lights of the stage. It was everywhere, lighting up the sky.”

As to why their photo was chosen, Nick has a theory. “It’s peaceful, which is what the event was about,” he says. “And it’s an honest representation of a generation. When we look at that photo I don’t see Bobbi and me. I see our generation.”

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música para embalar o dia

por   /  23/07/2009  /  12:28

eu ouvia MUITO sleeper quando era indie. e lembrei que faz muito tempo isso. velhice feelings. fiquem aí com “what do i do now?”, uma delícia pra começar bem o dia

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