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por   /  09/01/2008  /  17:14

a loja prada mais solitária do mundo. criação dos berlinenses michael elmgreen e ingar dragset.

“..the combination of a vast, open desert landscape in an un-populated area and a luxury goods store is completely unthinkable. nature suits fashion as a visual backdrop, as one often sees in advertisement. the minimal, corporate prada design and the desolate surrounding ranch land make a great impression together, but simultaneously the two forces also render each other useless.”

no sofá com isabel

por   /  12/10/2007  /  23:55

sofa portraits é uma série do inglês colin pantall. ele fotografou a filha, isabel, enquanto ela assistia tv. ele explica: “these portraits portray the flawed physicality of childhood and its mental and physical freedoms – but also the constraints that are applied by the adult world – the furnishings isabel is so often pushing against, the dress determined by the educational system she is now part of, or even the attitudes to her physical self-expression as she watches television”.

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