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Patti Smith falando de religião

por   /  03/07/2015  /  16:00


Patti Smith, que já cantou “Jesus died  for somebody’s sins, but not mine”, fala da sua relação com religião em um podcast do Huffington Post. Tão bom de ouvir!

I look at these things as the beauty of man’s imagination. However, no matter how many times it’s said or simplistic it sounds, everything stems from love. If someone wanted to understand Christ’s teachings for instance, it’s based on love and to love one another. Everything else could fall away: the dogma, the art, the churches, everything. It’s basically to love one’s self, to love one another, to love the earth. But the imagination and the mind of man is so interesting and captivating. So I am attracted to religious arts from all faiths, from the poetry that comes from it. I’m attracted to the prayers and the vestments that people where, but I don’t mistake these things for the absolute principle.


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