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saiu de “viagem a darjeeling” com uma música na cabeça? é “where do you do to (my lovely)?”, de peter sarstedt.  ficou querendo mais natalie portman?

If you go down to the multiplex today, to see director Wes Anderson’s The Darjeeling Limited, you’re sure of a big surprise. Not from the film – three bickering American brothers (Jason Schwartzman, Adrien Brody, Owen Wilson) travel across India by train – which is Merchant Ivory by way of Jackass. No, the remarkable thing is Hotel Chevalier, Anderson’s 10-minute short that appears before the main feature. It’s remarkable because it’s so much better than the two-hour film that follows. And because in it Natalie Portman disrobes and acts out a sex scene.

‘I think it’s beautiful and I think it’s tastefully done and I love the short,’ says Portman. ‘And it still wasn’t like full nudity.’

então lê na revista do observer.

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  • sil • 26.11.2007 @ 03:06 responder


    yes i dooo

  • daniarrais • 26.11.2007 @ 14:02 responder

    adorei ontem!

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