Kim Gordon e Coco Moore

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Kim e Coco

Kim Gordon e Coco Moore, sua filha com Thurston, posam pra nova campanha do Marc Jacobs.

O estilista escreveu no seu Instagram:

I remember exactly how equally excited (and intimidated) I felt when I first met Kim in 1992. I was a huge fan, and she represented all that was intelligent, unconventionally creative and cool…awkward, powerful, the epitome of artistic credibility and a seductive intensity that I’d never known. In 1992 Sonic Youth were working on a video for their song Sugar Kane, from their album Dirty. My friend Nick Egan was directing it and introduced me to Kim and Thurston. The intimidation I felt disappeared after they’d invited me to their place to talk about the video. Filmed at the Perry Ellis showroom, centered on my grunge collection, while Sonic Youth played, Kims friend Chloe Sevigny starred along with a cast of friends, models and fashion editors (You Tube it)! From that point on, my respect, admiration and friendship with Kim grew. In our first ever ad, photographed by Juergen Teller in 1998 Kim appeared wearing a dress of mine while performing on stage in London. Kim, Thurston, Coco and Louise appeared in our 2003 campaign. SY performed center stage while models walked around them in our Fall/Winter 2008 show. Several times while on tour in Europe, they stayed with me in my Paris apartment..I was excited and impressed to see Coco’s artwork.. I have learned so much about art from Kim. Kim and Coco are photographed here by David Sims. A personal and stunning portrait to end our extraordinary portfolio with. Thank you to all of my endlessly inspiring friends for being part of this campaign. And, to all the amazing talents who’ve made it happen. I am so truly grateful to you all.

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