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Lobão conta causos e fala sobre seus novos projetos a Sérgio Martins: tem uma versão linda pra “Alison”, de Elvis Costello; a foto é da Marimoon

Wander Wildner canta sobre “Boas notícias” num quarto em Berlim

– Dr. Dog coloca disco novo na área, “Shame Shame” (via @rlevino): After five offerings that refused to play outside of the same clumsy shadow of 1960s rock fetishism, Dr. Dog proved to be one of the most stubbornly stuck-in-their-way bands of recent memory. Previous release Fate seemed to be a step in the right direction– cleaner production, more attention paid to songwriting instead of bland jamming– but the songs still registered as lazy and reheated in an uncomfortably boring way. So it’s a pleasant surprise that after a gruelingly long run of dry, indistinguishable material, Dr. Dog have produced a record that shakes off (most of) their pallid Beatles-borrowing and embraces a bigger, more charismatic sound.

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