show me your moleskine #2: chris piascik

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o show me your moleskine de hoje é internacional. navegando no flickr, encontrei chris piascik, que adora desenhar nos seus caderninho. ele inventa letra, monstrinhos e preenche páginas e páginas com canetas coloridas _dá pra notar que ele gosta muito de tipografia.

a seguir, a entrevista com chris (uma dúvida: vocês preferem que eu coloque em inglês e em português?) e os desenhos que enfeitam seu moleskine:

* what inspires you to draw?
My commitment to doing daily drawings might be one of my biggest inspirations (haha). I say that because sometimes I don’t feel like drawing, or I won’t have any good ideas—but I do it anyway. I seek inspiration in everything around me, namely the media, as it is always a good source of something absurd. The presidential election was a constant source of content for me to draw from and now that it’s over I am back to the drawing board, literally.

* does your moleskine inspire you?

My moleskine does inspire me. When I decided I was going to start drawing on a daily basis I went out and bought a shiny-new moleskine sketchbook and some new sharpies to keep myself motivated. I have always been drawn to small sketchbooks that are easy to carry around.

* what does it feels like to work on a notebook like those used by legends as van gogh?

It’s definitely humbling. It’s also cool to know that it has worked perfectly for so long. It’s such a simple thing that needs no improvements.

* how do you describe your work?

Much of my work is based around hand-drawn type. I started drawing type and phrases mostly because I was having a hard time coming up with actual “things” to draw. I am also a graphic designer by trade, so typography and letterforms are close to my heart.







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    Melhor deixar no original. 🙂 Adorei o moleskine dele!


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