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Dia dos namorados na gringa tá chegando, e Pacolli fez dois pacotes especiais: um para os apaixonados, outro pra quem tá sofrendo por amor.

Maravilhoso, né?

Vejam os pacotes completos em > http://pacollipacolli.wordpress.com/

Valentine’s Day Lover Pack

so, love. mhmm! nice! sweet!!! all nite long!!!

hooray! here’s what you get on this pack:

* The Last Chance Kids zine published by Volcom, 40 pages of color explosions and Love in America!
* Double sided poster “love without devotion, not for me” and i bet you got some devotion going on. you’d better! the other side you can put on if one day your love dies. shhh
* 1 very tacky card, huge thing saying I LOVE YOU when you open it’s written “yes, you.”
* 1 postcard “I (lovesick) you”
* 6 STINCKERS! (screenprinted stickers, 2 colors)
* bunch of hand drawn stickers . i even painted a wall for you to draw the heart w/ your initials.

*comes with a link to download a mixtape of love and devotion

Valentine’s Day Misery Pack

my theory is whatever is going on you gotta have some class, so enjoy the misery with style. there’s million things that are very enjoyable when you’re miserable, like reading Proust or Flaubert. Play some Arab Strap records!

the misery pack contains:

* The Last Chance Kids zine, 40 pages, full color, lost in america
* Double sided poster “love without devotion – not for me” and the other side is full of misery too. it all depend on your point of view
* 6 STINCKERS! (screenprinted stickers, 2 colors) with hopeless messages
* 2 postcards that i drew specially for you
* bunch of hand drawn stickers

& comes with a link to download a miserable mixtape. come on, i know you love it!

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