wim wender’s wanderlust

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Win Wenders faz fotos de lugares nada óbvios.

As imagens mostradas neste post foram feitas entre 1983 e 2011 em Salvador, Palermo, Armênia, Berlin, Estados Unidos, entre outros.

Ele fala um pouco sobre suas viagens:

“When you travel a lot, and when you love to just wander around and get lost, you can end up in the strangest spots. I have a huge attraction to places. Already when I look at a map, the names of mountains, villages, rivers, lakes or landscape formations excite me, as long as I don’t know them and have never been there … I seem to have sharpened my sense of place for things that are out of place. Everybody turns right, because that’s where it’s interesting, I turn left where there is nothing! And sure enough, I soon stand in front of my sort of place. I don’t know, it must be some sort of inbuilt radar that often directs me to places that are strangely quiet, or quietly strange.”

Via Kinoimages

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